Fiona Carroll

The Button Friends book collection

Book 1 Meet the Button Friends (and Learn the Fundamentals of Programming).

This book uses p5.js (a dialect of the programming language javascript) to introduce children to the fundamentals of programming. Each book in the series will introduce a new programming concept. The aim is that the child will follow the narrative and then be inspired to build up the characters and events of the story themselves. There is an official p5.js editor that can be used to write the code. Another alternative, would be to write the code using a code editor (notepad ++ or Atom or Brackets) that can be downloaded online for free and then to use a browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer and Edge) to view the code.

Once there was a triangle. A lovely bright green shiny triangle. But this triangle wasnt just any ordinary triangle. It was a triangle who had a dream of travelling the world and doing something important.
So, we gave it two buttonholes and it became a bright green shiny triangle button on a pilot’s jacket. The triangle felt so important as it flew around the world visiting exotic paradises, majestic volcanoes and stunning beaches.
But the bright green shiny triangle button couldn't see anything. So, we gave the triangle button a pair of eyebrows. Suddenly for the first time ever, it could look through its buttonholes at all new and different places it visited.
The triangle button was overjoyed and it wanted to show how happy it was. So, we gave the triangle a mouth to smile and say ‘Hello, my name is Bobbie and I love travelling around the world seeing new people and places'.
After a few months of travelling around the world on the pilot's jacket, the triangle button really wanted to do their own travelling. So we gave Bobbie some legs and new shoes.
We also gave Bobbie some arms to wave goodbye to the pilot’s jacket and off the triangle button went to start their own adventure.

One day whilst walking the hills in Wales, Bobbie, the triangle button, came across an orange rectangle in the grass. Bobbie felt sorry for the rectangle all alone.
So, we gave the rectangle some buttonholes. The rectangle button was different to the triangle button but that didn't matter. The rectangle was so delighted to have a new friend and now did not feel so alone.
Bobbie, the triangle button, was also thrilled. We gave the rectangle a pair ears so that it could hear what it's new friend Bobbie was saying. For the first time ever, the rectangle could hear the birds singing, the insects chirping and her new friend chatting. She was a very happy rectangle button.
Bobbie button was saying 'What a beautiful place this is... I just love the smell of the heather flowers'. The rectangle button had no nose, so we gave her a nose and she took one big sniff.
Then, we gave the rectangle button a mouth and she was bursting to say, ‘Thank you very much…the heather flowers smell lovely today. By the way my name is Daisy’.
Bobbie button, jumped with joy as they hugged their new button friend, but Daisy button had no arms to hug Bobbie back. So, we gave Daisy some arms and Bobbie ‘cwtched’ her tightly.
Then Bobbie asked her if she would like to walk to the lake. Daisy said, ‘I would like to, but I haven’t got any legs yet’. ‘Oops, sorry Daisy’ and we gave her some legs and off they went to the lake, Bobbie guiding Daisy and both happy to have a new friend.

At the blue lake, Bobbie said ‘What’s that?’ There was a pink circle floating across the water. Daisy did not know what it was, but she said, ‘Let’s investigate!’
The pink circle was bobbing up and down dangerously on the lake and Daisy and Bobbie were worried that it might get hurt. Daisy said, ‘it needs to know where it is going’. So, we gave the pink circle a pair of buttonholes eyes.
For first time ever, the pink circle could see and rolled safely onto the bank of the lake alongside the two other buttons.
He wanted to thank them for saving his life but he could not speak. So, we gave him a mouth and he smiled a big smile of thanks and said ‘Hi, my name is Ben… do you want to come swimming with me?’
The other two buttons said ‘yes, please!’. Ben said there was a safe place to swim at the other side of the lake. We then gave him two arms and he started to roll around the lake and the other two buttons followed him.
On reaching the safe place on the lake, we gave Ben two hands. Holding his friends tight, they all jumped into the water and had lots of fun.